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DISPOSABLE PET MALE DIAPER Cat / DogWAIST (CM): (S) 25-40 / (M) 35-50 / (L) 45-63 / (XL) 64-82WEIGHT (KG): (S) 3-6 / (M) 4-8 / (L) 6-17 / (XL) 15-35 Dog Disposable Diapers offer no leak protection ...

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DISPOSABLE FEMALE DIAPER CAT / DOGWAIST :XXS 14-28 / XS 15-33 / S 19-37 / M 24-41 / L 28-50 / XL 40-65SUGGEST WEIGHT (KG):XXS 0.5-1.5 / XS 1-2 / S 2-5 / M 4-7 / L 6-16 / XL 16-32Dog Disposable Diap...

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Fresh Friends Dog Dental Care Kit 90G Toothpaste + 3 Brush Set


Fresh Friends Dental Set - 90g Dog Toothpaste Mint Flavor + 3pcs Toothbrush for Dogs Set Fresh Friends Tooth Paste is made of natural ingredients guaranteed to promote dental health and fresh brea...

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Saint Roche Premium Dog Shampoo


Saint Roche Premium Dog Shampoo is made with 100% All-Natural Ingredients. Its premium blend is so gentle on the skin and coat of your dogs that it can be used by puppies, pregnant, nursing, adult,...

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Our Dog Plus Puppy / Dog Shampoo


OUR DOG SHAMPOO Our dog is a safe, gentle shampoo formulated from natural ingredients. It includes special ingredients to stabilize the natural moisture content of your dog's hair, leaving it easy ...

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Papi Amitraz Anti - Mange Soap for Pets 115G


Effective against mixed parasitic infestation: Amitraz, a key ingredient in this soap, is known for its effective control of both sarcoptic and demodectic mange. Gentle cleansing: The gentle cle...

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Papi Mixidine Antifungal & Antibacterial Shampoo 250ML


Product DescriptionComposition: Each 100mL ContainsMiconazale Nitrate 0.05%Chlrohexidine Gluconate 0.3%Papi Mixidine is a combination of Miconazole Nitrate and Chlorhexidine Gluconate that helps pr...

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Papi Venoma Herbal Spray All Natural (Anti Parasitic, Anti Fungal, Hypoallergenic) 120ML


Papi Venoma Herbal SprayAll NaturalAnti ParasiticAntifungalHypoallergenicInsect RepellentSuperior against mites, mange, tick. fleas and stubborn parasitesShare

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Papi Iozin Topical Wound Spray (Anti Septic, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal) - 120ML


Papi IOZIN is an effective wound spray for pets.DescriptionIndicationFor disinfection of open, wound, bruises, allergies and post surgery cleaning preparations.Papi Iozin is an antiseptic, antifung...

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Healthy Pawtions Scottish Salmon Oil for Pets (Skin & Coat Support) 1Li / 1000ml


Made from the finest wild-caught salmon, our salmon oil is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your pet's overall health, including their skin and coat, joints, heart, brain, and i...

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Neovax Ointment (Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal) for Dogs and Cats 20G


For the treatment of inflamed and aczematous tissue skin and wound infections in dogs and cats due to bacterial. allergic or fungal causes.Neovax is for the treatment of inflamed and eczematous tis...

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Vet Remedy Medicated Shampoo Anti Bacterial 250ML


For topical treatment of pyoderma, allergic dermatitis and seborrheic skin disorders in dogs and cats. Also indicated for the following skin conditions: Yeast Infection Impetigo Flea bite Allergy S...

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Vet Core+ Plus Herbal Anti Tick and Flea Dog Soap 120g


Anti – BacterialAnti – FungalAnti – Tick & Flea (Garapata at Pulgas)Anti – Mange (Galis)Naturally Repels Mosquito100% NaturalWith the power of 4 essential natural ingredients, Vet Core+ Herbal ...

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Vet Core+ Plus Active Soap (Deltamethrin) Anti Tick, Flea and Lice - 135g


INDICATIONS : For anti-parasitic treatment (Tick, Fleas and Mosquitoes), Bacterial and skin infections and thorough cleansing of Dogs.ACTIVE INGREDIENT : Each Gram Contains Deltamethrin, 1mgDirecti...

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Vet Core+ Plus Active Shampoo (Deltamethrin) Anti Tick, Flea and Lice - 400ml


Vet Core+ Active Dog Shampoo (Deltamethrin)Proven effective against : ticks, fleas, lice, bacterial skin infections and repels mosquitoes.ACTIVE INGREDIENTS:Each ml contains Deltamethrin, 1mg DIREC...