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Bark n' Bite Paw Balm - Soothes, Moisturizes and Heals


Bark n' Bite Paw Balm - Soothes, Moisturizes and HealsFurbabies need skincare, too!Bark n' bite paw balm is made with natural moisturizing oils (VCO & more listed below) with antibacterial, and...

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Hemacare-FE Suspension Iron Supplement for Dogs and Cats(Ferrous Sulfate + Folic Acid + Vitamin B12)

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NUTRATECH HEMACARE-FE(FERROUS SULFATE+FOLIC ACID+VITAMIN B12)INDICATION: Prevention of iron deficiency anemia and enhanced blood circulation in dogs and catsFORMULATION:each ml containsFerrous Sulf...

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Proxantel Dewormer Tablet for Dogs and Cats - 1 Tablet


Indications: A broad-spectrum dewormer that controls roundworms (Toxocara Canis, Toxascarisleonina), whipworms (Trichuris vulpis), hookworms (Ancylostoma caninum, A. braziliense, Uncinaria stenocep...

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Bark n' Bite All in One Dog Spray with Virgin Coconut Oil


freshens • hydrates • soothesNo artificial fragranceNo parabens/sulfatesDog nose-friendly 🐶-all-natural scent & deodorizer-soothes irritated skin-acts as a leave-in conditioner-calming scent to...

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Virbac Nutriplus Gel 120g - Nutritional Supplements for Dogs and Cats


Virbac Nutriplus Gel 120g - Nutritional Supplements for Dogs and Cats Give Nutriplus Gel before and after any stressful situation that requires your pet to use up a lot of energy in a short time...

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Troy Nutripet High-Energy Vitamin Concentrate Dietary Supplement 200G


Troy Nutripet is a vitamin and calorie supplementation for inclusion in the diets of dogs and cats when dietary levels may be low. Rapidly improve your pet's nutritional status High in calories, v...

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Papi Hi-Lite Water Soluble Powder Energy Supplement For Pets (Dextrose Powder) 210G


PAPI Hi-LITE WATER SOLUBLE PPOWDERD-GLUCOSE MONOHYDRATEWater soluble powder energy supplementBirds, dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbit, RoostersINDICATION:Papi Hi Lite contains 99.9% Glucose monohydrate ...

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Papi Scour Oral Suspension Anti Diarrhea / Anti Bacterial - 60ML


Sulfadiazine Sodium + Trimethoprim + Electrolytes + Glycine + Kaolin + PectinAntibacterialDimensionsWeight: 0.15 kgPapi Scour is composed of Sulfadiazine and Trimethoprim for the treatment of intes...

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Papi Ener-G Probiotic Food Supplement Syrup 60ML


PAPI ENER-G PROBIOTIC FOOD SUPPLEMENT(BIFIDOBACTERIUM LACTOBACILLUS)INDICATION:for better nutrient assimilation through effective digestion by invading the intestinal flora of probiotic beneficial ...

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Papi Renacure Kidney Supplement for Cats and Dogs 60ML


A dietary supplement for use in dogs and cats that contain ingredients known to aid in the prevention of urinary stone formation.DescriptionPapi RENACURE is a dietary supplement for use in dogs and...

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Papi Vermifuge Dewormer Suspension for Cats and Dogs 60ML


Vermifuge contains the active combination of Pyrantel Embonate and Praziquantel for fast and effective results. It treats and controls roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, and pinworms. For...

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Papi Broncure Respiratory Strength and Treatment for Cats and Dogs 60ML


Broncure is a natural antibiotic from fermented herbs wit oregano and sambong.Aimed to combat respiratory ailments in companion animals.Indications are for acute treatment of colds and respiratory ...

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Papi Livwell Dietary Herbal Supplement for Cats and Dogs 60ML


Silymarin + Docosahexaenoic Acid + L-CarnitineDietary Herbal SupplementDimensionsWeight: 0.15 kgPapi Livwell is a natural food supplement for Dogs and Cats for a healthy Liver, Heart and Brain.It i...

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Papi Nacalvit-C Immuno Stimulant (Ascorbic Acid) - 120ML


PAPI NACALVIT-C IMMUNOSTIMULANT(SODIUM ASCORBATE+CALCIUM ASCORBATE)INDICATION:Papi NACALVIT-C is a non-acidic Vitamin C and antioxidant that helps regenerate Vitamin E. It improves immune function ...

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Papi Enmalac Milk Enhancer for Companion Animals 120ML


Helps increase milk productionLoaded with vitamins & mineralsContains full nutritional needs of lactating motherMade with malunggay, kangkong and green algaeContains anti-scouring formula for f...