Waterproof Plastic Indoor / Outdoor Pet (Dog / Cat) House XDB419 LARGE- BLUE / GRAY / GREEN / RED


> Quality durable plastic> Easy to clean> Raised floor for better insulationSIZEYE99128 - 82CM X 56CM x 71CM3XDB403 - 75CM X 60CM X 66CMXDB419 - 87CM X 72CM x 75CMXDB41...

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Collections: PET ACCESSORIES, Pet House

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> Quality durable plastic
> Easy to clean
> Raised floor for better insulation

YE99128 - 82CM X 56CM x 71CM3
XDB403 - 75CM X 60CM X 66CM
XDB419 - 87CM X 72CM x 75CM
XDB419A - 117CM X 97CM X 113CM

106 - 106CM X 80CM X 92CM
125 - 125CM X 95CM X 115CM
108 - 108CM X 70CM X 90CM
125-75 - 125CM X 75CM X 100CM
125-95 - 125CM X 95CM X 100CM