10 Tips for First Time Dog Owners

Dogs are the most loyal and loving companions anyone could ask for. They will definitely stick with you until the end. As a first time fur-parent, here are some tips that you need to know:

1. Potty Train Them as Young as Possible
This is one of the most important skills that your puppy must have especially if they are going to stay indoors. Dogs recognize routines. It’s recommended to set a specific time of going out for their potty. If you’re busy, make sure that there is a potty pad or newspapers laid out in a certain area.

2. Complete Their Vaccination Records
Like babies, puppies are very sensitive and prone to sickness. It’s a must to complete their deworming, rabies shots,and vaccinations before taking them out to the real world. It’s recommended that they stay at home until their vaccinations are complete. This is to avoid common yet deadly sickness such as parvovirus, distemper, kennel cough, and rabies.

3. Discipline Them When They are Wrong
Dogs are also like children. Be prepared for behavioral issues like barking, biting,
chewing, and whining. Don’t spoil them because they will just keep continuing their bad behavior. You need to correct them by quickly saying “NO!” or “STOP!” in a firm tone.

4. It’s Okay to Keep Your Dog or Puppy in a Cage.

Just Limit this Practice to Less than 9 Hours per Day. Contrary to popular belief, dogs and puppies could be kept in a cage. Make sure that they are comfortable in their cage and that they have space to move or stretch around. Leave a bowl of water too. Experts said that the maximum duration for crate training is 9 hours but it’s still best to keep it shorter than that. However, crate training is not applicable for pets with joint issues like arthritis.

5. Always Provide a Fresh Water Source
Avoid dehydration by placing a designated fresh water source for them. Check on this and make sure that it is always filled. Keep the water cold or give them ice cubes during the summer with an insulated bowl.

6. Check their Dental Health
Dogs are also prone to dental diseases like Periodontitis, gingivitis and bad breath. It could lead to nasty gum infections. Good thing, most pet stores now have pet toothpaste and toothbrushes in stock. It’s also best to consult your veterinary whenever necessary.

7. Train Your Dogs to do Simple Commands
You also need to stimulate your dog’s mind. There are tons of tutorials and dog training hacks available on Youtube. You could start with tricks like “sit”, “shake hands” or “roll over”.

8. Don’t Overfeed Your Dogs
Dog obesity is a real thing. Another mistake that furparents often commit is giving their dogs food whenever they beg. It’s okay to give them treats every once in a while but just not all the time. When it comes to their meal plan or their so-called “main course”, stick to their eating schedule. Some dogs eat twice a day while others thrice. It really depends on your dog’s breed or needs. Usually, there are dog food guides found under the label of the pet food.

9. Walk Your Dog 3-4 times a Day For at Least 15 minutes
This is the general rule of thumb. Dogs need their daily exercise and exposure outside. Make this part of your routine and you’ll also get the exercise you need everyday.

10. Choose the Right Dog Food Depending on their Age and Needs.
Your pet’s health depends on what you feed them. So it's a MUST to always check the label of all the dog food and treats that you give them. Avoid harsh chemicals like BHA/BHT.

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