5 Potty Training Tips for Your Puppies

Since everything is new for puppies, patience and consistency are the main key factors to successfully potty train them. It might take at least four months up to a year before puppies are fully trained. Expect puppies to potty more frequently than adult dogs.

Here are some tips and tricks for you to properly potty train your new pups:

1. Establish a Routine

Puppies thrive when they have a set routine. Having a routine teaches them early on that there is a specific time for eating, playing, and doing their potty. You have to let them out of their crate to potty in the morning, after meals, upon waking up from naps, before bed, and before you leave.

2. Encourage Your Puppy to Potty on the Same Spot

Pick a certain area where you want your puppy to potty. For starters, you could leash and walk them to the corner of your backyard. For housetraining, lay out a potty training pad in your bathroom. Don't move or free them just yet until they understand that they need to do their potty. Trust us, it's easier and faster this way. It will also help puppies recognize which spots are appropriate to potty.

3. Take Your Puppies Out for Daily Walks and Train Them to Potty on Different Surfaces 

Puppies should be encouraged to do their potty not only on grass. This might become a problem when you travel with them in the future. They might just not do their potty if they get used to one surface only. Allow them to potty on gravel, dirt, concrete, wood chips, and sand as well!

Taking them outdoors also boosts their excitement. Puppies who frequently explore and see new places tend to be happier. But not just that, you as a fur-parent will also be able to take daily walks and exercise.

4. Reward Your Puppy Every Time They Potty on the Right Spot

Praising your puppies for a job well done by giving them treats or rubbing their bellies will motivate them to repeat that action. Through positive reinforcement, your fur-pets would understand what is the right thing  to do.

5. Get a Leak-Proof Training Potty Pads for Housetraining

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