Cat Care 101: A Guide for New Cat Parents

Cats are the chillest companions to be with at home. They are unique, low- maintenance, and curious pets. Soon enough, you could leave them alone without even worrying because cats are quick learners. They become independent fast!

To get you started, here are some basic tips and tricks to make your cats feel welcome in their new homes:

1. Prepare Your Cat’s Litter Box at Home


First of all, having a cat litter box is the most essential item that you need to check on your list. This is very important because a cat’s urine can smell like ammonia when it breaks down. A well-maintained litter box can save your home from the smell. Remember, to scoop their litter box at least once every other day.

2. Make Sure You Have Enough Cat Litter Boxes

According to many sources, the rule of thumb is “one litter box per cat plus one extra”. So if you have two cats, you should get at least three litter boxes. One for each cat and another extra. Cats love to do their ‘business’  alone and seperately from the clan.

3. Avoid Furniture Scratches by Giving Them A Scratching Post

It's a no brainer that cats are known to scratch surfaces and dig their nails on tall, sturdy objects. It’s part of their animal instinct. As cat paw parents, you have to accept that fact. If you don’t want to see scratches on your furniture, train them to use the scratching post instead. Do this as early as possible.

4. Lock All Doors and Windows to Keep Them Safe at Home

Cats are adventurous creatures and they love wandering outside. With their flexible bodies, it's easy for them to plan an escape. Keep your cats from getting lost or falling from a high floor by always checking any possible openings of your house. Make sure that these are tightly secured.

5. Feed Them with the Best Organic Pet Food like Aozi.

A pet’s health is dependent on what they eat. It’s a must to always check the label of the pet food and treats you buy. Avoid harsh chemicals like BHA/BHT.

That’s why we highly recommend Aozi Organic Cat Food.

It’s free from preservatives, GMOs, antibiotics, and pesticides.

It’s just 100% naturally healthy. Available in Salmon, Fruits and Vegetables flavor.



It’s okay to not get things right the first time around. Well, cats aren’t also the easiest pets to please. Often at times, they display a certain "cattitude" even to their caretakers. That's just the way cats are. As long as you show them what real love means, that’s already more than purfect. And once you earn a cat’s love, it might be the most satisfying feeling in the world!

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